You can now filter for vinyl roof forts, cabins, playhouses, and forts with wooden roofs. Using this in combination with the new system of filters makes the redesigned website of Climbing Frames UK easy to use and highly effective. The Climbing Frames UK website now allows you to filter for small, medium, or large gardens. You can now sort the products by price for low to high, or in reverse to help you discover the best value for your pounds. This can be an important factor for smaller gardens or playground areas. This can include items like rockwall climbs, rope ladders, and monkey bars. This varies from 1 meter up to 1. An added feature which may prove highly useful is the online chat service.8 meters in height. Visitors to the new site have commented on how easy the new site is to navigate to find the right play equipment for your garden. You can limit the products you will see based upon type of product, your budget, or categories. You can now filter based upon tube slides, curved slides, or a straight slide. To learn more about the company or their website use the contact information below: Website: . The other area parents commonly requested additional information on was the type of slide included with the frame. These new features are not limited to just the climbing frames, but extends throughout the site which also includes sandboxes, swingsets, trampolines, playhouses, and many accessories for use with all of the ideas from Climbing Frames UK. Along with this area, you can now sort by how high the climbing frames stand. Other advanced features include allowing your filter by the type of climbing structure you want on your Climbing Frames. You can combine multiple filters to help you quickly narrow down the type of climbing frame which is best suited for your garden, budget, and the age of your children. The new website has added features to make Mesh Belts Manufacturers it easier to filter products based upon your search criteria.--, AL April 3, 2012 - Suffolk, United Kingdom, (April 03, 2012) - Climbing Frames UK Company has announced the launch of a totally re-designed website to help parents and clients to discover the perfect play equipment for children. You can chat with a representative from 8AM to 10PM to discuss products you are viewing on the website. An important feature which was missing on the previous website was the ability to filter by size. Another filter which was added is for the Fort Type
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