Custom designed packages. Sand is used for removing the suspended particles and anthracite removes the odor and colour etc to make the water fit for various application. Limit for the backwash in these filers is governed by differential pressure across the filter. Type of filters in vertical/horizontal configurations are:Pressure Sand FilterDual Media FilterMulti-Grade FilterSand Pool Filters. turbidity and iron provide highly efficient particle removal at a high filtration rate.Dual media filters are used where raw water contains suspended particles. Pebbles and gravels are provided to support to both the media.Dual Media Filter feature automatic backwashing, which employs a combination of air and water to maintain unit efficiency.Able to operate at very high flux rates. This comprises of sand and anthracite as filtering media and polishing media respectively. Advantages:Automatic self backwashing.We implement pilot run for such water management to examine the implementation of the project and measure its success to make sure that desired performance is received when actually implemented in a holistic way across the plant of our customers. Layers of anthracite and garnet particles are the filter medium. This filter is to be backwashed after accumulation of suspended solids over the cycle, however, before carrying out the backwash, air scouring (optional) is also to be done for loosening of dirt and suspended solids., so as china Spiral dryer fabrics suppliers to make the water fit for different applications. Air scouring loosens suspended solids and dirt, sand removes suspended particles and anthracite removes odor and color, etc. Externally, it is fitted with frontal pipe work and isolation valves.High filtration efficiencies. Internally it is fitted with inlet distributor and a bottom collecting system
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