Crate special effects with this Massa 52mm Infrared IR Filter 850nm for Panasonic . Color: BlackPackage:1 x 52mm IR Filter 850nmCompatible With:Will Fits Directly On Any 52mm Lens* If you want to wholesale this product,please contact us,the price would be much cheaper* If you have any question please contact us.Features:1. With the filter in place 99% of the light seen by the naked eye is blocked China Nonwoven Forming Belts Manufacturers out and only infrared light is filtered through.we will offer good service.* for other similar item please visit our store . Technically the naked eye cannot see 100% black but with the infrared filter and your camcorder specialist functions, you will magically be able to. Brand new, never --massa-52mm-infrared-ir-filter-850nm-for-panasonic.* All order will be shipped within 2-3 days after the paymentLaptop batteries LCD Cover Sony Ericsson housing coverDVDs Accessories Camera bags Camera LCDSCamera Shutter Flexmassa-52mm-infrared-ir-filter-850nm-for-panasonic.China, April 04,2014/Free-Press-Release. Diameter: 52mm3. 850nm is suitable for indoor and weak light use. Excellent for outdoor filming, the filter is essential for capturing the highest quality pictures in overcast outdoor lighting.html
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